Adjustable Barbell Rack Max Load 550LBS Multi-Function Dipping Station Squat Stand Home Gym Fitness Weight Bench Press Stand

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This all-steel-produced squat rack has a strong structure, compact and effective. Standing 5.6 ft tall and has an eye-catching metallic red color scheme, which will bring you endless exercise vitality. Very suitable to be the main member and important background in your home gym. The load capacity of up to 550 pounds is impressive, and it can be called a real heavy-duty machine.

 There is an adjustment hole every 2 inches on the two sturdy main columns. A total of 13 adjustable levels. The using height of this steel squat rack can be adjusted arbitrarily in the range of 43.5 to 67.5 inches to precisely meet your every exercise needs.

 The rubber foot covers around the legs can well protect the floor of your house. After a simple set, you can perform all kinds of exercises you want to complete in the gym on this squat rack, including bench presses, shoulder press, squat, leaning, elevated lift, etc.